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Supernatural S7E01 Promo - “In Cas We Fear”

This 30 second promo for the new series of Supernatural displays the tag line In Cas We Fear, referring to the phrase “In God We Trust”, reflecting - in a very eerie way - Castiel’s proclamation at the end of Season 6 that he is now God. The video is an incredibly effective teaser, showing the return of characters such as Death and Crowley (the King of Hell), as well as numerous unexplainable events - it literally displays that you will have to watch the episode to understand.

This extremely interesting advertising campaign was installed into bus stops around the UK prior to the airing of the 5th season of Supernatural, a US television show. A theme of the 5th season was the impending apocalypse; demons became rife around the world, and this is invoked in this campaign - a world becoming cautionary.

The main signifier of red all over the advert, in this case, is something known world over: caution, danger. It’s the colour of fire trucks and extinguishers, and importantly in this case it’s the colour on “In Case Of Fire, Break Glass” boxes, and with the difference being that this is filled with (holy) water it’s still something very familiar to people in general - because of this difference it actually draws people in by spiking their┬ácuriosity.